Empowering Sales Teams with Explainable AI 

Increased Sales. Improved Efficiency. Precise Forecasts.

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AI versus XAI

Artificial intelligence can ensure focus on better leads and opportunities. It can provide better coaching and training guidance for sales managers by learning the traits that make certain salespeople succeed where others fail. It can build a precise forecast every month, quarter or year.  However, when sales teams don’t understand how the mathematical output is created, they don’t trust its validity and usefulness – and quickly abandon the tools.

Explainable Artificial Intelligence – X.A.I. – eliminates the mystery and the “black box” magic associated with A.I. by providing transparency into the internal logic of the machinery. By ensuring that end users understand exactly how the output is generated, executive leadership can feel more confident in sales projections and understand what levers can be pulled to impact results.

piLYTIX customizes our X.A.I. tools for your sales data as it exists to provide your sales and marketing organization with deep, actionable insights at levels as granular as individual leads, opportunities and salespeople.





The top line sales success for companies selling medical devices, technologies and services in recent years has come at incredible expense. Medical companies have added sales staff, increased salaries and fattened commission plans that were already unparalleled by other industries. Medical sales leaders – and their counterparts in finance – are realizing that these bloated cost structures are not sustainable. piLYTIX Med helps our users leverage their sales and marketing data to reduce sales inefficiencies without throttling back on aggressive growth targets.

Sports & Entertainment

piLYTIX Sports was launched as a division of piLYTIX in 2017 as teams and leagues have realized the value in importing data-driven sales and marketing strategies from other industries in the face of falling ticketing and sponsorship demand. piLYTIX has adapted our core platform to align with the industry nuances inherent in sports teams’ sales and marketing data. When sales leaders better understand factors that influence success and failure, they are positioned to guide their teams to greater success.

Technology & Business Services

Longer, solutions-driven sales cycles provide many data points about, the buyer, the seller, and every other influencer in the sales process. However, most sales organizations fail to harness the transformative power of this data; “data-driven decision making” often involves just a few unscientific KPIs. The piLYTIX X.A.I. platform creates a clear roadmap to greater sales and improved visibility by providing actionable insights about your buyers, your individual salespeople, your products, pricing strategies and all other factors that impact sales success.

University Fundraising

Higher education costs are rising. The pressure to increase university funding without increasing tuition is greater than ever. As a result, more universities are implementing data-driven strategies to maximize contributions.  Many of these strategies parallel approaches that large corporations have taken to increase sales. The piLYTIX suite of A.I. tools empowers university fundraising organizations to maximize their time, budgets and effectiveness. Gift proceeds are maximized when organizations use state-of-the-art technology to identify and correctly target their best prospects.