Pipeline Management Solutions



The first step on the path to maximizing sales success is ensuring  that sales reps and their managers understand which deals in the pipeline are quantitatively the most likely to close. The “PX Most Likely” dashboard highlights these opportunities on a dashboard  that is easily shared by reps and managers.


“PX Risk Alerts” creates a pathway to greater sales success by alerting the sales team to inherent weaknesses in deals that are likely receiving too much attention. This tool also alerts managers and reps to deals that are highly likely to win but appear to be suffering from lack of adequate sales attention.


The PX Deal Card dynamically displays the unique attributes of each deal – empowering reps and managers to make smart decisions about how to prioritize their efforts. Every opportunity in the pipeline is examined in the context of all the individual opportunity’s key attributes – including the individual rep’s quantifiable strengths and weaknesses.


Talent Management Solutions


The PX Talent Assessor uses AI to provide management with insights regarding individual salesperson strength and weaknesses. These tools provide a continuously updated assessment of your reps’ talent in the context of the most impactful predictors of deal close for your organization. Understanding your reps’ underlying strengths and weaknesses will position managers for more impactful coaching and training sessions.


The PX Guided Pipeline Review empowers managers and reps to rely less on gut feelings and more on the provable, data-driven insights in their weekly 1 – 1 pipeline review. Managers have a more lucid understanding of the pipeline, and the time that they save by running more efficient meetings can be re-allocated to higher impact management activities.


Why wait until a rep misses quota at the end of quarter to prescribe corrective measures? The PX Early Warning talent management tools allow managers to understand which reps are trending toward a quota miss as early as the first day of a quarter and provides clear insights into the most impactful measures that can be taken to affect the outcome.


Forecasting Solutions



Many companies utilize a laborious process to “roll up” periodic sales forecasts. piLYTIX injects efficiency into this process by providing a “reality check” on every deal that is contributing to that roll-up. Sales leaders will be more confident including certain deals and excluding other deals from the forecast based on our quantitative evaluation of every opportunity in the pipeline. Managers save significant time and the result is a more reliable forecast with actionable insights that help them navigate their teams to over-performance.


Many sales leaders have been burned by “done deals” pushing into the next quarter. Just as important as understanding whether or not deals will win, sales leaders need to understand the likely timing for these deals. For every deal in the pipeline, piLYTIX assigns a probability of closing in the pre-defined time periods that sales leaders are accountable for: This Month, Next Month, This Quarter, Next Quarter, This Year.


Most companies experience at least a few short term deals that close suddenly and unexpectedly.  Whether this is caused by naturally short sales cycles, the stars luckily aligning at the right place and right time, or by certain reps who simply don’t adequately enter data into the CRM, these “off-the-radar” deals make forecasting difficult. piLYTIX offers a daily calculation of the future pipeline to combat this uncertainty. This sophisticated statistical approach accounts for the aggregate sales that are not already in the pipeline, but will close before the end of the period that you are examining.


Data Quality Solutions



The piLYTIX Data Quality Composite Score measures the quality of the data that is being entered into the CRM on an individual rep basis. When corrective actions are required, managers are able to point out areas of deficiency to sales people and avoid burdening those reps who are in compliance with organization standards.


Failure to enter information until immediately before a deal closes destroys a manager’s ability to predict sales, coach reps, or assist in specific deals. The PX Sandbagging Alert helps managers quantify the degree to which certain individuals are consistently withholding valuable knowledge from the CRM.


Every company laments the quality of its sales data to some degree. Understanding where “bad” data resides is the first step in cleaning a company’s CRM system and a necessary step of maintaining the hygiene of the system. PX Flag Reporting highlights errors and anomalies in your CRM.